What Is Dental Care Advocacy? What You Should Know

When it comes to dental care advocacy, it’s really wrong to ask what it is all about. The correct question to ask is this: What are some issues that the American Dental Association or ADA is advocating? Because really, when you say “dental care advocacy”, everybody knows that it has everything to do with resolving issues that are related to healthcare.

dental advocacy

We did some research on Google and were surprised to find that the ADA is actually passionate on several issues where other wouldn’t seem to care. These include securing millions of dollars in research money to help military personnel maintain their dental health and resolve dental issues. Other issues include increasing support for the Dental Heatlh bill for increased awareness on dental health issues, increased funding for denta health support services for the Indian Health Services, and increasing funding for dental health research and information dessimation.

If it sounds like the ADA is taking up a lot of issues in the name of dental health, it is. However, you would be glad to know that these advocacies get enough support from legislators and different sectors of society. And it will only be a matter of time before we can see expanded efforts to improve the dental health of Americans throughout the country. The good thing about it is that expanded efforts is only going to cost a few million dollars to the government, not billions of dollars, unlike the other issues that are bugging the country.

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If you have bad dental health, it can actually cause a host of other diseases in the body. But even if it doesn’t lead to something tragic, you bet that poor dental health is going to make you look bad literally, and smell bad too.