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Chronic Pain conditions are a growing problem in the United States. And while the debate still rages about whether or not chronic pain should be managed as a separate condition or just a symptom of another problem it is clear that pain management has become a booming segment of the healthcare industry.
Consequently, the use of pharmaceutical drugs for pain control has also reached an all time high. Drugs like Oxicontin, Vicodin and methadone, are front page news in causing America’s latest drug crisis, as a result, the use of cocaine and heroin have also reached levels not seen in this country in 30 years.

Due to the economic and scientific phenomena of the pharmaceutical revolution of the 20th century, thousands of years of knowledge were suddenly abandoned. Herbal medicine has safely and effectively treated pain for millennia, and is for safer than the synthesized, processed medications that today’s doctors seem to be all too willing to hand out like so much candy.
In the realm of alternative medicine, there are many forms of natural pain management that are in fact, the basis of where many of our oh-so-popular pharmaceutical drugs come from.

Codeine and morphine are opium derivatives that may be effective but are also highly addictive, and even aspirin is a derivative of willow bark. Many other plants have been used in natural pain management since antiquity, such as lavender and chamomile for minor pain issues and these plants have the added benefit of also assisting with the emotional component of pain such as anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Plants like henbane and mandrake are so effective that they are even used very effectively during labor to ease the pain of childbirth.

Some wonderful and powerful herbal medicine can also be found in the spice cabinet. Spices like turmeric, and ginger are two of the most powerful anti- inflammatories on the planet. These plants are natural COX-2 inhibitors; they are the alternative medicine answer to the popular pharmaceutical drugs Celebrex and Vioxx. In the middle east, India and all over Asia where the diets are rich in spices like turmeric, and ginger and cayenne, where life is also far less convenient then our own, people have a far less occurrence of arthritis and chronic back pain, and continue to work very labor intensive jobs such as farming and agriculture work even into their 90’s.

There has always been an accepted school of thought in allopathic medicine that it is acceptable to injure one part of the body to heal another, thus even common over the counter NSAID pain relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, can cause long term damage, acetaminophen to the liver and ibuprofen to the kidneys, in natural pain management many plants, roots, barks, and other herbs not only antistetic in nature but they are also anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic as well, and herbal medicine is gentler on the system and is more synergistic with the body allowing for greater absorption of the necessary constitutes.

So you see that alternative medicine goes beyond the typically accepted ideal of treating just the symptoms and goes farther to treat many of the underlying causes as well as some of the other components involved in chronic pain conditions.

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A list of some of the alternative medicine practices you’re likely to encounter in the United States. Some of these are considered border-line acceptable even in the professional medical field, and many understand that this is unfortunate. Mostly these are just scams, quackery, and nonsense, which unfortunately gullible people believe in if they are desperate and grasping at false hope. Keep your eyes peeled for any of these, and be prepared to stamp out the harmful ones.

Hallelujah Diet
“Reverend” George M. Malkmus claims to have eliminated his colon cancer and other serious health problems more than twenty-five years ago by “following biblical principles for a natural diet and healthy lifestyle.” He and his wife Rhonda Jean operate ‘Hallelujah Acres’, where they hold seminars, sell products, and advocate a diet that consists of raw fruits and vegetables.

Malkmus and his followers claim that his methods have helped people with obesity, cancer, arthritis, and more than a hundred other health problems. He is a very eloquent speaker who is capable of inspiring people who trust in what he says. It has been speculated that he is in fact running a cult, with an unknown number of followers at the ‘Hallelujah Acres’ site.

Intra-Cellular Hyperthermia
Nicholas Bachynsky, a medical doctor whose license was revoked in the early 1990s, is largely responsible for the persistence of intracellular hyperthermia as a treatment. In April of 2004, he was imprisoned in a Floria jail to await trial on fraud charges related to sale of phony stock in a business founded on the alleged treatment.

The claim is that it is effective against cancer and Lyme disease by way of the intravenous administration of 2-4- dinitrophenol (DNP), which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned more than sixty years ago.

Herbal Medicine
Americans are now spending billions of dollars per yr for herbal capsules and tablets, bulk herbs, and herbal teas. Although the teas are consumed for their flavor, most of these products are probably used for supposed medicinal qualities. Sales by multilevel distributors and pharmacies amount to hundreds of millions more for products that are must have intended for harmful self-medication.

Herbs are also marketed by naturopaths, acupuncturists, iridologists, chiropractors, and unlicensed herbalists, many of whom prescribe them for the entire gamut of health problems of every description. Many such practitioners are not qualified to make appropriate medical diagnoses or to determine how the products they prescribe compare to proven drugs, and are not licensed to do anything at all, for that matter.

Touted as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction, mesotherapy involves the injecting of medications and plant extracts into the layers of fat and connective tissue under the skin.

The injected ingredients may include agents that are used to open blood vessels, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, enzymes, nutrients, antibiotics, herbal cures, and hormones. Mesotherapy is said to be used in conjunction with dietary modification, hormone replacement therapy, exercise and nutritional supplements. No drug is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in mesotherapy, and none will.

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique
Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.), came out during the mid-1970s by chiropractor MiltonTed Morter, Jr., of Rogers, Arkansas. It is claimed to be “a holistic program that coordinates and balances the workings of all the systems of the body.” Morter defines B.E.S.T. as “a nonforceful chiropractic technique for the 21st century that removed interference from the nervous system by the use of the hands.” Morter claims that such interferences occur when subtle pulses in different parts of the body are not synchronized.

Between April 1997 and June 2000, Beverly and Thomas Vigil of Meridian, Idaho, touted a product called Neuralyn on the Internet and elsewhere as a highly effective treatment for spinal cord injuries and other ailments. The couple claimed that Neuralyn was an all-natural substance made up of B vitamins, amino acids, and extracts of plants from the Yucatan Peninsula region. According to Thomas Vigil, the idea for Neuralyn came from a dream.

In fact, the Vigils teamed up with pharmacist David Taylor and concocted Neuralyn using a number of homeopathic ingredients as well as a couple of topical anesthetics. According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Wendy Olson, more than 100 people, most of them paraplegics or quadriplegics, paid up to $10,000 per person to come to clinics in Idaho, Utah and Colorado for Neuralyn treatment.

These people were told that Neuralyn treatments had been 85% to 95% successful, and that the product would enable spinal cord injury patients to move, stand on their own, or walk again by regrowing new nerve cells. The Vigils are now in custody facing charges.

Optometric Visual Training
This approach is based on an idea that learning can be improved by exercises that stimulate coordination of the eye muscles or improve hand-eye coordination. Its proponents assume that the basic problem that leads to reading disability is some deficit in the muscles of the visual system.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Ophthalmology have spoken out against this approach and cautioned that no eye-muscle defects can produce the learning disabilities associated with dyslexia. Dyslexia is actually a reading disorder characterized by omissions, faulty word substitutions, and impaired comprehension. It is not due to mental retardation, lack of schooling, or brain damage.

Thought Field Therapy
Abbreviated as TFT, its founder, psychologist Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D., claims that TFT “provides a code to nature’s healing system and addresses their fundamental causes, balancing the body’s energy system and allowing you to eliminate negative emotions within minutes and promote the body’s own healing ability.”

The Callahan Techniques site also recommends dietary supplementation for the persons who “suffer from multiple environmental sensitivities and even allergies which aggravate psychological problems.” During the TFT sessions, the therapist uses sequences of finger taps on “acupressure points” of the hands, face, and upper body. The patient at the same time does repetitive activities, such as repeats statements, counts, rolls the eyes, or hums a tune while visualizing a distressing situation.

Complementary And Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine or CAM are diagnostic or therapeutic techniques that are outside the mainstream of Western medicine. Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine while complementary medicine is used along with conventional medicine though any of the treatments methods are the same. Although most people utilize mainstream medicine for diagnosis and basic information, many are now turning to alternatives for what they believe to be total body health-enhancing measures.

CAM is very popular with people whoever are terminally ill and has also been used on animals. There have also been adequate instances of “inexplicable” extension of life and other significant health benefits for people whoever have pursued these options that the Western health systems are now seriously starting to further assess these systems. Alternative medicine is a fairly broad term which covers many different methods of treatment such as acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, Ayurvedic and more.

Therapies such as biofeedback, massage, and exercise are also considered option medicine. Alternative medicine includes various systems of healing or treating disease such as chiropractic, homeopathy, and faith healing. Alternative medicine is a comprehensive approach to healing that uses natural methods to bring physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony. Alternative medicine systems believe body has a network of channels (meridians) that carry a subtle form of life energy. Since it uses a holistic approach and time-tested, natural remedies, hands-on treatments to help enable the body’s own innate powers to do the healing, option medicine requires the patient to take a highly active part in healing their own body including prevention and treatment.

Complementary Medicine is sometimes used by “conventional” medical practitioners as an add on to “conventional” medical treatments such as drugs and surgery. Complementary therapies are used to improve wellness, prevent disease or treat health problems but the most desired and prevalent use remains pain control. Included in complementary medicine are a large number of practices and systems of health care like acupuncture, homeopathy, aromatherapy, osteopathy, reflexology and chiropractic that for many reasons haven’t been fully adopted by mainstream medicine. Complementary medicine includes also dietary and nutritional therapies such as macrobiotics, vegetarianism, and orthomolecular medicine.

Although CAM is starting to gain popularity in the West, most clinical research by the health care industry continues to focus on the luck of each single modality or therapy in these systems. This is unfortunate as CAM is mainly based on the belief that you need to, simultaneously, treat the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – which can include the use of many therapies at the same time.

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Those of you who are considering alternative medicine for treatment, please ensure that you are well aware that there are certain risk areas. These areas of risks sprang from the many criticisms of alternative medicine. They range from mere sceptism that this form of medicine does not work to the more extreme warning that they are highly dangerous and can kill.

Here are 6 main criticisms and risks of alternative medicine:

1. Alternative Medicine is difficult to prove.

Some of the therapies used in alternative medicine are really difficult to prove. For instance, in the case of energy healing for the mind and spirit, proponents of alternative medicine may report increased sense of wellness after a treatment session; but really, how to really prove this result?

2. Results from testing Alternative Medicine are not conclusive”.

Very often, skeptics say that there is no proof that alternative medicine works. Studies done so far are largely on a smaller scale and therefore, skeptics claim that results are inconclusive. This is compared to the randomized, double-blind studies on a large group basis mostly done for new pharmaceutical products and surgery.

3. Natural” does not equal safe”.

Not many people realize that herbs are not necessarily non-toxic. They think that just because herbs are natural products, they are safe. However, this misconception is dangerous. Although natural, herbs can have very powerful effects. Take for instance, the Chinese herb Ginseng. While ginseng helps to build up immune system and helps to warm” the body, it is not advisable to overdose on ginseng. An overdose can cause an imbalance to the body, which can result in illness.

4. Improper diagnosis by unqualified alternative medicine practitioners.

As alternative medicine is not properly regulated, there are many practitioners who are not suitably qualified or experienced enough to treat a patient. Improper diagnosis is dangerous especially if he or she is critically ill and needs the appropriate medical attention straight away.

5. Some patients of alternative medicine do not seek the right treatment until it is too late.

This has partly to do with improper diagnosis. In addition, overzealous patients of alternative medicine may postpone the decision to seek conventional medical treatment until it is too late for recovery.

6. Insufficient regulatory requirements by government bodies.

The case of nutritional supplements, which are not regulated by the US government, is often quoted as an example. As long as manufacturers do not make a claim about the ability to cure or treat a disease, nutritional supplements are considered food products”. If these supplements are classified as food products, manufacturers do not have to prove that they are effective. What is only required is a basic safety test and a truth in labeling” qualification the bottle must contain what it says is in it.

This can have disastrous consequences. A prhyme example is Ephedra, a nutritional supplement sold as an energy booster and weight loss aid, but resulted in deaths.

Laying out the risks in this article is not meant to have the purpose of stopping you from seeking health and wellness solutions. Rather, because of the risk areas, it is to highlight to you that you have a responsibility to research and find out more about the particular alternative medicine treatment method that you are considering.

You also need to keep your doctor informed. There may be a need to adjust the dosages or timing of other medications based on any other supplements that you’re taking. Also, be aware that there is little or no regulation of the outrageous claims that can be made by practitioners of many alternative therapy methods. So, it is also important to choose a practitioner wisely.

There are benefits to alternative medicine. Although I cannot prove anything, I speak from first hand experience. Highly recommended, therefore, is to know enough of what you intend to do and weigh the risks.

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With so many different alternative methods of treatment in the world today, you may not know that one of these treatments includes chiropractics. This is a form of treatment that has been in our society for years and not even acknowledged anymore as an alternative method of treatment. There are many theories that coincide with chiropractics. The main theory being that the vertebrae is not properly aligned. This is what contributes to a lot of diseases, illnesses and pains. The method of chiropractors is to apply slight pressure to these vertebrae and allow them to put themselves back in place. This is only one method of chiropractors. Most chiropractors concern themselves with more than just your spine. They are concerned with your health, stress levels and the lifestyle that you life. All of these contribute to your physical conditions. Chiropractors have been known to cure and treat many diseases such as: asthma, arthritis, back problems, bed wetting, bronchitis, migraines, menstrual problems and many others. When you first hear these problems, you would not think that a chiropractor, someone concerning themselves with your spine, would be able help you in any way. Well this assumption would be wrong. Your spine has a lot to do with the way you live and the pain you feel. Whether you feel this pain in your back or in other places, chiropractic help can work for whatever is ailing you.

This type of alternative treatment is completely safe and cost effective. You do not have to spend a lot of money to have this treatment completed and in most cases, chiropractic services are covered in your health insurance plans. This is how popular and ever growing this field of alternative medicine is. There are so many alternative medical treatments that are surfacing in the Western world today that sometimes it may be hard to tell which one is the best one for you to try. If you do your research, you will easily find the best one for you to try first. By taking the first step to find a practitioner to help you with your alternative treatment search you are well on your way to feeling healthier, mentally and physically. Chiropractors are no longer hard to find. There is more than likely at least a dozen in your very town. Chiropractors have all been trained properly and are experts at what they do. Once you describe your symptoms to them, they are able to instantly pin-point the area of your spine that can contribute to such an ailment. After just one treatment you will notice a large difference in your condition. The one aspect of chiropractors is that one visit is not enough. You must make several visits in order to fully treat your condition to the full extent of the treatment.

If you visit your personal physician first, they may refer you to a great chiropractor to assist you with your ailment. When your doctor is referring you to a chiropractor you know that this treatment is something that you can place all of your trust in. Take this method of alternative treatment into consideration if you have one of the pains or diseases that was listed above. You can believe that chiropractics can assist you with your problem and you can save your money with this treatment as well. Take the first step by locating a chiropractor in your area and make your first appointment. You will be filled with confidence in this alternative treatment just from the first session.