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The report provides in-depth market analysis, information and insights into the Ukrainian personal accident and health insurance market, including:
The Ukrainian personal accident and health insurance industry overview and market size
The current trends and drivers of the Ukrainian insurance industry
Market size and growth prospects of the Ukrainian personal accident and health insurance market by category


Trends and Opportunities in the Ukrainian Personal Accident and Health Insurance Industry to 2016: Market Profile is the result of extensive research into the insurance market, covering the personal accident and health insurance segment in Ukraine. It provides insights on the market size and forecast for the personal accident and health insurance segment by the following categories:

Personal accident insurance
Health insurance


This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the insurance industry in Ukraine:
It provides historical values for the Ukrainian personal accident and health insurance market for the report’s 20072011 review period and forecast figures for the 20122016 forecast period
It offers a detailed analysis of the key sub-segments in the Ukrainian personal accident and health insurance market, along with market forecasts until 2016
It covers an exhaustive list of parameters, including written premium, paid claims, incurred loss, combined ratio, total assets, total investment income and retentions

Reasons To Buy

Make strategic business decisions using in depth historic and forecast market data related to the Ukrainian insurance industry
Understand the demand-side dynamics, key market trends and growth opportunities within the Ukrainian personal accident and health insurance market
Gain insights into key regulatory policies governing the Ukrainian insurance market

Key Highlights

Table of Contents

1.1 What is this Report About?
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Methodology
2.1 Industry Overview
2.2 Ukrainian Insurance Industry Market Size, 20072016
2.3 Key Industry Trends and Drivers
2.4 Challenges
3.1 Personal Accident and Health Insurance Growth Prospects by Category
3.1.1 Personal accident insurance category
3.1.2 Health insurance category
4.1 Methodology
4.2 Contact Us
4.3 About Timetric
4.4 Our Services
4.5 Disclaimer
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Trends and Opportunities in the Ukrainian Personal Accident and Health Insurance Industry to 2016

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Alternative Medicine Medical Doctor

With so many different alternative methods of treatment in the world today, you may not know that one of these treatments includes chiropractics. This is a form of treatment that has been in our society for years and not even acknowledged anymore as an alternative method of treatment. There are many theories that coincide with chiropractics. The main theory being that the vertebrae is not properly aligned. This is what contributes to a lot of diseases, illnesses and pains. The method of chiropractors is to apply slight pressure to these vertebrae and allow them to put themselves back in place. This is only one method of chiropractors. Most chiropractors concern themselves with more than just your spine. They are concerned with your health, stress levels and the lifestyle that you life. All of these contribute to your physical conditions. Chiropractors have been known to cure and treat many diseases such as: asthma, arthritis, back problems, bed wetting, bronchitis, migraines, menstrual problems and many others. When you first hear these problems, you would not think that a chiropractor, someone concerning themselves with your spine, would be able help you in any way. Well this assumption would be wrong. Your spine has a lot to do with the way you live and the pain you feel. Whether you feel this pain in your back or in other places, chiropractic help can work for whatever is ailing you.

This type of alternative treatment is completely safe and cost effective. You do not have to spend a lot of money to have this treatment completed and in most cases, chiropractic services are covered in your health insurance plans. This is how popular and ever growing this field of alternative medicine is. There are so many alternative medical treatments that are surfacing in the Western world today that sometimes it may be hard to tell which one is the best one for you to try. If you do your research, you will easily find the best one for you to try first. By taking the first step to find a practitioner to help you with your alternative treatment search you are well on your way to feeling healthier, mentally and physically. Chiropractors are no longer hard to find. There is more than likely at least a dozen in your very town. Chiropractors have all been trained properly and are experts at what they do. Once you describe your symptoms to them, they are able to instantly pin-point the area of your spine that can contribute to such an ailment. After just one treatment you will notice a large difference in your condition. The one aspect of chiropractors is that one visit is not enough. You must make several visits in order to fully treat your condition to the full extent of the treatment.

If you visit your personal physician first, they may refer you to a great chiropractor to assist you with your ailment. When your doctor is referring you to a chiropractor you know that this treatment is something that you can place all of your trust in. Take this method of alternative treatment into consideration if you have one of the pains or diseases that was listed above. You can believe that chiropractics can assist you with your problem and you can save your money with this treatment as well. Take the first step by locating a chiropractor in your area and make your first appointment. You will be filled with confidence in this alternative treatment just from the first session.

Alternative Medicine Doctors In My Area

Ever since the 1970’s alternative medicine has become an ever increasing popular choice for patients to consider. There are many forms of alternative types of medicine that are offered today only a few have actually been recognized by main stream medicine, however as more and more research is being done on alternative forms of medicine, consumers are now able to select a form of alternative medicine that they feel will benefit their condition and health.

What Are The Most recognized Alternative Types Of Medicine Offered?

The collective group of Chinese Traditional medicine is gaining popularity as one of the alternative types of medicine that is being offered. This is a set of practices that is designed to balance a person’s chee, making their body’s energy flow appropriately and keep the person healthy. Acupuncture is part of this regimen and is used for various maladies from Migraine Headaches to joint pain and all complaints in between. Very fine needles are strategically placed on the bodies important energy points. Improving the bodies energy flow and hence the overall health.

The Chinese also have a large array of herbal medicines for all sorts of ailments. When and Tai-Chi and meditation a holistic medical treatment is created. By enabling the mind and body to be joined, the energy is directed in the best manner to promote good health.

Therapeutic Touch is another form of alternative medicine that is gaining popularity. In therapeutic Touch the hands are laid on the area of concern It is thought that by placing hands on the effected area energies might be channeled to assist the healing process While being similar to acupuncture its derivation goes back to biblical days.

Massage might be considered another form of an alternative medicine that uses touch to help promote healing and relaxation. Both of these alternative types of medicine are sought after treatments for a variety of medical problems, from muscles aches to just having problems relaxing.

Chiropractic Medicine is another form of alternative medicine that is becoming both widely recognized and accepted. In this practice, the well being of the patient is thought to involve the spine. A session with a Chiropractor would involve having adjustments made on the spine to help with the bodies functions.

Osteopathic medicine is another one of the alternative types of medicine that has also become more main-stream. This is also a form of medicine that involves the whole system and the impact one system has on another. This too has a hands on approach to healing the body.

Alternative types of medicine are found in most large cities and areas of different ethnic groups today. Several of the main-stream doctors are working with the practitioners of alternative medicine giving patients more choices in their own health care.

Health Tips

Florida residents that are self employed and looking for health insurance have a number of options available to them. Be aware that depending upon your health, your age, and other factors unique to your particular situation there is no hard and fast rule as to which option is best for you. However, there are some general guidelines that will help you make the best Florida self employed health insurance decision.

The first Florida health insurance option available to the self employed is to simply apply for an individual health insurance policy. The benefit to applying for an individual health insurance policy is that individual health insurance rates in Florida are very competitive. You can see that first hand by viewing instant Florida health insurance quotes.

The downside to attempting to purchase an individual health insurance policy in the state of Florida is that you must be healthy. According to FL law, a health insurance company can decline your application for an individual health insurance policy based on prior medical history (pre-existing conditions), height and weight restrictions, and other health related criteria.

That means if you have cancer, diabetes, weight problems, or a host of other physical ailments then you will be denied coverage with a Florida individual health insurance policy. (Any unscrupulous agent that tries to tell you other wise is misrepresenting whatever product he or she is trying to sell you as health insurance when in fact it is probably a discount health plan or a health insurance indemnity plan with very limited coverage).

The second Florida health insurance option available to the self employed is to apply for a Florida group health insurance plan. In Florida, any group of 2 employer/employees or more is considered eligible for a Florida small group health insurance. (If it is just you: 1 self employed person functioning as a sole proprietor in the state of Florida then you have a different option open to you – see option 3 below). The benefit to applying for a Florida small group health insurance policy is that that certain health issues that can signal an automatic decline on the individual health insurance side will not signal an automatic decline on the group health insurance side.

The downside to attempting to purchase a group health insurance policy in the state of Florida is that it can be very expensive. Think of it in terms of: the more potentially unhealthy people that the insurance company has to give health insurance to (group health insurance) the higher the premiums will be as opposed to where the insurance company can pick and choose who they will accept for health insurance (individual health insurance).

The third Florida health insurance option available to the self employed is for those that are functioning as a sole proprietor. Florida self employed sole proprietors can apply for a Florida guaranteed issue small group health plan. The Florida guaranteed issue small group health plans has an open enrollment period only during the month of August.

Florida self employed health insurance can be a somewhat tricky area to navigate without the help of a licensed independent Florida health insurance agent. There are also many different ways to save money in taxes – one of which being the ability to deduct your health insurance premiums paid on Schedule C of your tax return against and up to your Schedule C income (Meaning that even if you don’t itemize [Schedule A] you can still deduct your health insurance premiums paid all the way up to your Schedule C income!).

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