What Is Dental Care Advocacy? What You Should Know

When it comes to dental care advocacy, it’s really wrong to ask what it is all about. The correct question to ask is this: What are some issues that the American Dental Association or ADA is advocating? Because really, when you say “dental care advocacy”, everybody knows that it has everything to do with resolving issues that are related to healthcare.

dental advocacy

We did some research on Google and were surprised to find that the ADA is actually passionate on several issues where other wouldn’t seem to care. These include securing millions of dollars in research money to help military personnel maintain their dental health and resolve dental issues. Other issues include increasing support for the Dental Heatlh bill for increased awareness on dental health issues, increased funding for denta health support services for the Indian Health Services, and increasing funding for dental health research and information dessimation.

If it sounds like the ADA is taking up a lot of issues in the name of dental health, it is. However, you would be glad to know that these advocacies get enough support from legislators and different sectors of society. And it will only be a matter of time before we can see expanded efforts to improve the dental health of Americans throughout the country. The good thing about it is that expanded efforts is only going to cost a few million dollars to the government, not billions of dollars, unlike the other issues that are bugging the country.

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If you have bad dental health, it can actually cause a host of other diseases in the body. But even if it doesn’t lead to something tragic, you bet that poor dental health is going to make you look bad literally, and smell bad too.


Health Tips For Men

Prostate health is one of the most important aspects of a man’s health and is essential in the prevention of a number of conditions that can affect it. In recent years the issue of prostate health has moved to the forefront of many news and media stories and many of us know or have known someone who has suffered from prostate problems.

If you’re a man, chances are that you will eventually have some form of problem with your prostate gland. More than half of men over age 60 develop an enlarged prostate, a condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. In addition, the American Cancer Society estimates that more than 184,000 men in the United States will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. New cases of prostate cancer have increased rapidly in recent years. Most of this increase has been attributed to the greater use of screening guidelines, and especially the widespread introduction of the Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test.

The causes of prostate cancer are not fully known. The risk of developing prostate cancer rises sharply after age 50, and risk doubles all ten years thereafter. Men with close family members (father or brother) who have had prostate cancer are more likely to get prostate cancer themselves, especially if their relatives were young when they got the disease. Fortunately there is promising research that shows preventive measures and early detection screening should help reduce the risk of death from prostate cancer.

The three common diseases of the prostate are benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), mainly known as an enlarged prostate, prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) and prostate cancer. The modern lifestyle of stress; long hours of sitting, driving or TV watching; stuffing food and emotions; eating fast food, flesh and milk products; regular intake of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol; and environmental toxicity all set the stage for chronic, debilitating and degenerative diseases, including prostate enlargement (BPH Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy) and prostate cancer.

We have become a nutritionally advanced culture who has learned more and more about natural supplements and products that can help us achieve and maintain health much longer than we used to, as well as to eat the right foods that will make our organs function at peak levels well into late ages. The foods that a man can eat to support the health of your prostate actually have multiple health benefits in addition to prostate health. This is because they are mostly classed into a coined group of foods dubbed “super foods” for their healing and health promoting properties, as well as therapeutic uses.

As long as you maintain a quality diet with a variety of color, less red meats and more fruits and veggies, you can rest assured you are doing all you can to promote a long, healthy and complication free life for your prostate gland. Not only that, these foods will benefit other areas of your health as well, making it well worth your while to pay attention to what you put in your body.

Prostate health is extremely important and requires the same attention that you would afford any other part of your body. It is emerging as a key priority in health care today, but despite the increasing awareness of its affects many men remain unaware of its symptoms, the damage it can do and the treatments available.

Alternative Medicine For Anxiety

There are many diseases and illnesses that children have which are difficult to treat. They are difficult to treat because it may be harder to administer the conventional treatments to a child or they may refuse to take their medication. This is where alternative medications and treatments come into place. Children easily accept these alternative treatments because they don’t associate these treatments with medicine. These treatments are something new and exciting in their eyes. Asthma is one disease in particular that is difficult to treat children for. The children don’t enjoy using their puffers or any other type of treatment that is given. Before you begin choosing the alternative treatment for your children or child, you must remember to keep in mind that these treatments have no scientific research and are not equal to conventional medications. These treatments do work to an extent however.

Acupuncture is a technique where needles are placed into key points of the body. Evidence suggests that these needles release endorphins in the brain, which help reduce pain. Children with asthma whoever endure this treatment may find it easier to breathe more calmly and relaxed. Hypnosis is a treatment that may give children more self-discipline to continue on with their medicine in a more regular manner.

It has been suggested that stress or anxiety can constrict the airways even more for children or even adults with asthma. Massage helps reduce this stress, therefore making it easier for the child to breath. You can also learn good techniques to do on your own to help control your own breathing patterns. This gives the child confidence that they’re in control of their asthma. There are many other diseases that children have where alternative treatment can be used. Perhaps used with conventional methods as well. Children with serious diseases such as cancer or diabetes may need to take advantage of massage or meditation techniques. Children with life threatening disease are prone to bottle up their stress and this can sometimes make their disease that much worse. By using alternative treatments along side of your doctor prescribed medications can be a good combination! Children with diseases need as much help as they can get.

As a parent a good deal of research and doctor’s opinions are necessary. Depending on what your child has you must research carefully any alternative treatments you are considering. You need to make certain that the treatments will do something for your child and not harm them in any way. You may find with treatments such as acupuncture that your child will be reluctant to try it. That is why research for something that the child will need to participate in. These treatments are more about relaxation and making your child feel like they’re in control and not helpless to their illness. Children are more prone to need alternative treatments because they’re more reluctant to follow through with their prescribed medicines. Children are hard to treat, but if they like the treatment, then it becomes that much easier! A good way to make your child excited for their new treatment is to describe it like it is a treat. Get them excited to go. The more excited they’re to try something new the more willing they will be to make it part of their weekly or even daily routine. As a parent you know, that children need to enjoy what they’re doing otherwise you will be defeated! Take the advise from this article, but always ensure that you run your ideas past your family doctor just to be safe. Alternative treatments can make all the difference in your child’s health and attitude!

Alternative Medicine For Alzheimer

Almost all person who has some knowledge about alternative medicine or nutritional healing realizes that disease is caused by an imbalance in some area within the body. In today’s society, this is not a hard thing to know with the Internet, your peers and family members, and the media.

This imbalance can be anywhere – because our society today founders on imbalances, excesses, and deficiencies. If one pill will work – heck – why not three then, or four, or five? Or, we like our pop – so instead of a can at 3 pm, we swill down a case a day. Got the picture? But Lao Tzu in “Tao te Ching” said it all, when he said, “A person will get well when he is tired of being sick.”

Why are people turning from traditional medicine to alternative medicine and nutritional healing, with more and more choices going into their own hands and decision-making? Not to very long ago, doctors were pretty close to gods, with diseases like plague, cholera, chicken pox and small pox, scurvy, and pellagra rampant in society. And medical research has removed these diseases and brought them under control.

But today, other diseases and illnesses are now going rampant, and they are not being brought under control by our medical professions – diabetes, heat diseased, cancer, hypertension, strokes, Alzheimer, and dementia are just a small few. In addition, to go to the doctor or hospital, or have lab and tests done, are very expensive with many of society not being able to afford the medical bills today. Most of them cannot even afford health insurance!

So not only is it cheaper to go another route, but we are becoming a society that wants to know things, and wants to have a hand in it – “why do I have this disease?” “why are you giving me that medicine?”, or “I don’t need chemo for my cancer, let me choose another route”!

Methods that are being used to combine nutritional healing and alternative medicines use the following information by all parties:

– Different alternative medicine and therapies need to be looked at and accessed by your doctor, alternative health practitioner, or knowledgeable source.
– Ask questions of your doctor, your peers, research online, and alternative medicine professional, and nutritionists.
– There are new alternative medicines out, in addition to new nutritional healing methods – check out their pros and cons. Research!
– Thoughtful and informed choices need to be made, so contact your doctor or alternative health practitioner.
– Choose your product in the safest and most effective way you can once you choose them.

Before you become physically ill, it has already been in you for days, weeks and sometimes months. When you begin to “feel” slightly sick, something in you is already out of balance. It is best to prevent this from happening before attempting to become well – knowing yourself and how you feel is just one big step to prevention.

One excellent source is a book titled, “The Joy of Health” by Zoltan P. Rona, M.D., which is a doctor’s guide to nutrition and alternative medicine. Reading this book before you have to go to the doctor is necessary, if you need to stay healthy!

Health Tips For Men

For some peculiar reason, whenever I address a health issue and my male friends are present, the discussion is quickly redirected to another subject as they try to avoid the discussion. I recently encountered the same phenomenon and one of my friends responded that men are feeling guilty of making mistakes when it comes to their health. From forgetting to eat their daily fruit and veggies indulging in a hamburger of French fries, to scheduling an appointment with the doctor only when the symptoms they have been experiencing for weeks intensify, men feel guilty for not taking care of their health and try to avoid any type of discussion that reminds them of that fact.

If you are familiar with the old story that men do not need to ask for street advice, as they can always find their way, they also typically tend not to seek out help when it comes to their health as they are always capable of surpassing the problem they have been facing and heal themselves. In fact, statistics reveal that women worry more about their health status than men do, and they take more preventative measures to protect it. After conducting my own focus group with some of my male friends, I discovered that this is totally true. Most of them avoid going for their regular check-ups, especially younger men, and decide to pay a visit to the doctor’s office only when something is broken, usually because a woman is present and insists that this is serious and should not be left to chance. Then it is only logical that men have, on average, a shorter life expectancy than women by six years.

But although this can be partly explained due to societal standards that portray men to be strong and touch, this potentially life-threatening health negligence cannot be justified. Enduring pain and being able to overcome any type of problem they face does not seem as an adequate explanation for this type of problematic behavior. The truth is that men tend to view doctor’s visits as uncomfortable and involving potentially painful procedures and in general men are not capable of handling or enduring pain. While women are biologically capable of handling the pains of a pregnancy they are also more open to discuss health issues and educated themselves regarding the threats associated with their health.

If one only considers the fact that the magazine’s and website’s focus is not on men’s health compared to the women’s health issues discussed, it is only logical to conclude that men’s health does not seem to be a priority either for men or for society. It is not that men do not get sick or are not experiencing signs of weakness from time to time; it is rather that their social role does not permit them to look or express that weakness.

Health Tips

You must have heard about home health care services, but many people don’t know how it works and what are its benefits. If you have an elderly family member who requires regular monitoring, health care and personal care support, it is time you consider getting senior home care services. Here are some of the main reasons you cannot ignore such in-home services for your loved one.

The first reason for hiring senior home care services is that it will help reduce the anxiety and stress that your loved one is suffering from. You don’t need to have your senior family member transferred to a nursing home or an out-of-home care center. It can be a highly stressful situation for him/her. In fact, any such move can further deteriorate his/her health condition and create even more complicated medical issues. When the person receives care within the comfort of his/her home, you will be offsetting any such stress. He/she will be able to enjoy his time with more independence and higher quality of life.

The second reason for getting home health care services is that the care you receive is personalised according to the needs of the person. If you visit a nursing home or a hospital, the level of care and support provided is the same for everyone. However, the care provided in your home will be customised based on the needs of your family member. You will be able to provide personalised care to your loved from a professional who is dedicated solely to fulfill the needs of your family member.

The third reason for choosing senior home care services is that in-home care is much more cost-effective compared to out-of-home care services. You will be able to provide special personal and health care to your loved one from the comfort of their home without the need to pay off huge bills. If you choose an alternative out-of-home solution, the bills could eat up both your loved one’s and your own savings. However, in-home elderly care services could be hired for just a tiny fraction of the overall cost of the alternatives. It can help you and your family a fortune in terms of different kinds of bills.

There are many more reasons for hiring home health care services. Such a service gives you the opportunity to give a high quality life when they don’t have many years in their hands. You don’t need them to find themselves alone in an out-of-home care facility without their family around them. Providing them with in-home care will give them the chance to get all the care and love while they live amid their loved ones.

Once you have made the decision to get the services of a senior home care service provider, you should start searching for a reputable agency. Besides the agency, it is also important to learn about the experience and the personality of the care provider. You would eventually need your loved one to spend his/her time in the company of a good human being.

Health Tips For Seniors

Are you familiar with supplemental health care insurance? Many people are not; these days, most people sign up with their employer-sponsored health care insurance plans, or purchase individual health care insurance plans if their employers do not provide health benefits. While these methods work for many individuals, seniors should consider purchasing affordable supplemental health care insurance.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about supplemental health care insurance for seniors.

What is supplemental health care insurance?

Simply put, supplemental health care insurance kicks in and pays for what your regular health insurance policy does not.

Why should seniors consider purchasing supplemental health care insurance?

Seniors don’t always have the steady income that younger individuals have. If a senior’s regular health insurance plan doesn’t cover a significant portion of health care services, it may be difficult for the senior to pay for the gap between what is covered and what is not. Some seniors have a nest egg set aside to handle situations such as these; some even have separate insurance policies they can fall back on, such as life insurance policies. However, not all seniors have the extra money set aside to cover the gap in health care insurance; an affordable, supplemental health care insurance would work for them.

What does supplemental health care insurance provide?

The kind of coverage available with an insurance plan always depends on the insurance company from which you purchase the plan. Many supplemental health care insurance plans offer cash benefits and compensation for lost income. Some supplemental health care insurance plans even cover pre-existing conditions; pre-existing conditions are prevalent among seniors.

Do I need supplemental health care insurance if I already have Medicare?

Yes, having an affordable supplemental health care insurance plan is especially wise for seniors with Medicare, as Medicare doesn’t often cover long-term health care, care provided at home or in a nursing home, or the costs of prescription medication.